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  • Prototypes sale
  • Prototypes sale
  • Prototypes sale

Prototypes are designs that either weren't or haven't yet been used in production. Quality is on par with retail grade if they were actually used or will be used as production.

  • White full size organic (D57mm/W43mm/59g) - Plays light and comfy. The side cap is the same as Stratom which will likely change.
  • Black under size organic (53mm/W43mm/61g) - Very close to the final version. Overall weight might need some tweaking. First taste of what it might play like!
  • White Meridion proto (D59mm/W48mm/61g) - An early Meridion prototype that used Stratom's side cap. Also about 2mm wider, a bit lighter, and plays very floaty compared to retail Meridion.
  • Beige V-round proto (D55mm/W45mm/64g) - This is the full size V-round Infinity Weight! Likely the final version, just short of setting in stone as a pre-production.
  • Kasms (D57mm/W31mm/58g, half C bearing!!) - Kasms were first designed to be quite a bit heavier with half C bearings, so they felt more on the powerful side than really optimized for modern responsive. They feel very different than retail Kasms.