During the COVID pandemic I picked up 3D printing as a hobby. I've been playing return tops for 20+ish years, and with the new hobby on top I started having ideas on what I can make.

As I posted some of my stuff in my personal instagram @wayne927, many people have asked me if I will share the source models or just buy the prints from me.

So, here it is. I'll put up some of my stuff on this site over time. You can also follow the brand instagram @layerinfinity or Facebook page @layerinfinity to see what's coming. If something is posted there, it will be available either for sale or for free download. I will continue posting my own stuff in my personal account, and you're welcome to contact me if you're interested in the ones that are not on this site.

Everything by Layer Infinity is made in my bedroom at home, in Toronto Canada.

- Wayne