Articulated stand

A return top display stand with articulated arm(s) to adjust height and angle

🔒 STL file available for purchase here

Hardware needed (Single)

  • M3 x 16mm screw (x2)
  • M3 hex nut (x2)

Hardware needed (Triple)

  • M3 x 16mm screw (x6). They have to be tightened perpendicularly, so hex head and allen key highly recommended.
  • M3 hex nut (x6)

Tips on printing

  • Print all parts (base, arm, holders) with orientations as is, shown in the pictures above. They should not require supports.
  • Use at least 20% infill.
  • When printing the base, use at least 2mm (5 lines for 0.4mm/line) on walls. This is to ensure the arm joint has sufficient adhesion on the base, otherwise the joint might snap off as you tighten the screws.
  • Triple base comes with a "center arm" at only 6.6mm thick which is skinnier than the regular arm at 7mm thick, otherwise they are identical. Using a regular arm for the center is fine, but might warp the base a little bit.