Freehand Finger Spin Cap

Freehand cap with a cup and hole that allow finger spin tricks!
(Fits metal Freehands only, as plastic Freehands have axle hubs that take up the space)

Download the STL file

Tips on printing

  • Print with orientation as-is, with cup side facing up.
  • Use 10% to 25% infill. Each cap should come out to about 5 grams which is similar to stock metal caps. (Use 100% infill if you like a crazy heavy beast...)
  • Add support under the rim overhang.
  • The STL package contains 6 files identified by the rim height measurement (see drawing above). The reason is that the rim height of your result depends on your support settings, which usually adds a fraction of a millimeter below the overhang. Freehand's rim height is 3mm, so start with a smaller number like 2.4mm and adjust your settings or use different models as needed.