Freehand Hubstack Caps

Hubstack caps for Freehand that can accept standard hubstack parts (size A bearing and rubber O-rings). When fully assembled with hubstack parts, each cap weighs about 6 grams.

Download the STL file

There are two designs -- for Freehand Titanium and Freehand One Al. They are interchangeable, but may not sit flush with the outer rim if used on another. They have not been tested on any other Freehand models.

Tips on printing

  • The cap is divided into two parts: the "cup" and the bearing post. The bearing post should be aligned at the center and the bottom should overlap with the cup. See cross section above.
  • Scale the cup's and the bearing post's sizes individually in x and y for perfect fitting.
  • The bearing post should be solid at 100% infill to ensure sufficient adhesion onto the cup. Adjust settings of the cup by preference.
  • Add support along the outer edge of the cup.