Mod44 rims - Crystal

These rims are extra large in diameter. Adjust infill for desired weight.

Diameter 64mm
Width 47mm
Weight ~54g (30% infill)

Download the STL file

Hardware needed

Tips on printing

  • Experiment with different infill percentage and pattern. Note that 100% infill will result in a 80 gram Mod44 (not saying you shouldn't...)
  • For the translucent face, print the first two solid layers with a translucent filament. Switch to an opaque filament on the layer where infill starts. Youtube has plenty of resources on how to switch filaments.
  • Make sure flow rate is properly calibrated. 100% flow might make things too heavy and the fit too tight.
  • If the result isn't smooth...
    • Hold onto the rims (but not the metal body) and turn as if you are tightening the two halves. The rims should slide along the rubber rings. Make sure the rims are not gripping onto the body too hard, otherwise you may over tighten the bodies!
    • Turn the rims a tiny bit, and see if it's smoother. Repeat until it produces the smoothest result.
    • Keep in mind that even with tuning, 3D printed rims are most likely not as smooth as machined delrin rims.