Diameter 58mm
Width 35mm
Weight ~64g

🔒 STL file available with purchase of a Stratom

This return top requires tuning. See this page for details.

Hardware needed

  • M4 x 20mm bolt
  • M4 hex nut
  • Flowable silicone or 2x OD 19mm response pad
  • C size bearing

Tips on printing (body)

  • Print with flat side on the bed.
  • Ensure bed adhesion is good to prevent warping. Use glue or hair spray to help if necessary.
  • Support is optional. There is some overhang where the hex nut or bolt goes into, but some printers can handle it with a bit of clean up.
  • Adjust infill percentage to desired weight. Using PLA at 0.2mm layer height and 100% infill the result should be around 61 to 64 grams.
  • Make sure flow rate is properly calibrated. 100% flow might make things too heavy and the fit too tight. The axle and nut should be tight and may require a bit of force to go in, but not excessively so.

Tips on printing (bearing post)

  • Ensure the post is tight against both the axle and the bearing, but not excessively so.
  • Experiment with the following settings. All of them can affect tightness:
    • flow rate
    • horizontal expansion
    • initial layer horizontal expansion