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Crystal rims for Mod44

$20.00 USD
  • Crystal rims for Mod44
  • Crystal rims for Mod44
  • Crystal rims for Mod44
  • Crystal rims for Mod44

3D printed rims for your Freshly Dirty Mod44!

These rims are BIG and LIGHT. It plays extremely floaty with very little rim weight. The translucent face shows you how sparse the weight distribution is inside.

Please note -- These rims require tuning for smoothness. Each pair sold here is tested so that they can be smooth enough to not affect play, but you still have to do the tuning when you install them. See the downloads page for tips on installing and tuning.

However even with tuning, they are unlikely to play as smooth as official delrin rims.

Resulting specs
Diameter 64mm
Width 47mm
Weight 54g (This is the total weight -- rims and body together)

Price is for a pair. Mod44 core body not included.

These colors glow under UV, not on their own in the dark.

Have a 3D printer? The STL file is available for free in the Downloads page!