Freehand cap adapters for Mod44

$16.00 USD
  • Freehand cap adapters for Mod44
  • Freehand cap adapters for Mod44
  • Freehand cap adapters for Mod44

These Mod44 rims can take Freehand caps!

Resulting specs
Diameter 58mm
Width 41mm
Weight ~60g with standard caps, ~55g without caps

No caps? No problem. Without caps they play just fine as ultra lights. Or, pick up a set of weight rims to beef it up.

Compatibility with weight rims:
  • 2g rims fit perfectly
  • 3g rims in style A fit okay, but stick out a little bit
  • 3g rims in style B fit perfectly (shown here in light blue and yellow in the 3rd photo)

Price is for a pair.

Caps and Mod44 body not included. Weight rims sold separately.

Note that caps and weight rims can be very tight on the adapter. See this video on how to remove them.

Please note -- These rims require tuning for smoothness. Each pair sold here is tested so that they can be smooth enough to not affect play, but you still have to do the tuning when you install them. See the downloads page for tips on installing and tuning.

However even with tuning, they are unlikely to play as smooth as official delrin rims.

Have a 3D printer? The STL file is available for free in the Downloads page!